Monday, May 17, 2010

Independent Office Dealer

When buying office products why should you go to the independent office products dealer?

Sometimes price is a factor, unfortunately there are time when the independent cannot possibly compete with the big box stores like Staples or Office Depot. In regards to items like printer cartridges I hate to say it, but the customers best route is to order online. This is an example of the items that an independent office dealer can simply not compete on. Furniture on the other hand is usually another story all together take Bush office furniture for example I know of a few of the little guys that have the best deals in town.

Service is a big factor of course. Of course not every office products dealer is the same. In most instances the staff at the independents will have far greater knowledge than those at the big boxes. What is the value of that?

The ideal situation for me is to shop around. I go to where I get the best deals. This way I make out the best in the end and in most cases still support the little guy. If prices are comparable I will always choose the independent office products dealer.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Idependent office products and supplies dealers

Hello my name is JR Scott and I am starting this blog to question the public buying practices as related to office products. For that matter anything, Why do people choose to purchase from big box stores compared to the independent dealer. I work for an independent office products dealer we sell a full range of office products, furniture and supplies. We also offer great deals on used and scratch & dent office furniture. Second hand office furniture can be a great and affordable way to furnish your office.I am not starting this blog as an advertisement, but just to question why people would pass us to go the big guys. Our prices are competitive our service exceeds that of most of these stores. Our inventory of used furniture adds many more options to buyers. Our catalog of office supplies offers 25,000 + products. We also offer office furniture rental In future posts I will post some pricing to compare us to the competitors to prove my point. My question is why go to the other guy when you can get it closer less expensive and from a nicer guy all in one place?